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"Jonnie has worked with Patrick & Florence for the past 2 years. We were looking for someone who would start by making music accessible and relevant to the things that they were listening to, rather than following only a traditional graded exam curriculum. Jonnie took on this brief enthusiastically, and this has resulted in Patrick playing lots of songs he really likes. During the Olympics we were regaled with lots of Chariots of Fire, more recently it’s been Adele, Queen and Eminem. Encouragingly, when he hears a new song he likes, he now goes to the internet and tries to find music for it. Having kindled an enthusiasm for music, we have also started the more traditional syllabus, and just passed grade one. I know we could have gone through more grades earlier, but I am really happy that Jonnie has helped Patrick feel music is something he can have fun with and that it relates to what he enjoys listening to. My daughter is still in her early stages of learning, and Jonnie intersperses her piano with lots of singing and fun, and she is quietly developing confidence to go to the next stage." Emma - Mum

"Jonnie has been working with our 6-year-old daughter for nearly a year. Our daughter, who is normally quite soft-spoken, has blossomed into a confident and enthusiastic little pianist and we are very grateful to Jonnie for teaching her the art of
self-expression through music. Jonnie is extremely patient and kind and this makes our daughter eager to learn more. He also often rewards our daughter at the end of each lesson with a bit of singing time–songs of her choice–which she absolutely loves." Anna - Mum

"Jonnie has been teaching Beatrice piano for 3 years now and over time we have witnessed a steady increase in her enthusiasm for the piano! She passed her grade two in the autumn months and has recently started to play songs by listening to them on the radio!" Mary - Mum

"Jonnie came to my house to start up some Jazz lessons last year. Being a complete beginner I was impressed with his approach, he always gave me the time to get through the piece and his tips for practicing were really helpful. Jonnie has introduced me to some technique exercises for the hands which has been really useful – my playing has certainly become more legato since starting up the lessons." Daniel