children's piano lessons.

Terms & Conditions

Fees: (1) The amount of £35 per hour lesson and £25 per forty-five minute lesson, plus a £5 travel rate when visiting a student’s home, shall be paid to the Teacher by the Student for each lesson.

Fees: (1a) The amount of £35 per hour-long lesson, £25 per forty-five minute lesson shall be paid to the Teacher by the Student when the Student travels to the Teachers place.

Cancellations: (2) A student may cancel a lesson or lessons without financial penalty by informing the Teacher and giving a minimum of three days notice before the next scheduled lesson. The teacher will not be entitled to any payment for any lesson(s) cancelled with at least three days notice.

Rescheduling: (3) A student may request to reschedule a lesson without penalty by giving at least 48 hours notice. The Teacher shall not offer any other options for rescheduling a lesson, and shall be paid for a rescheduled lesson according to section 1 above, without any additional payment for rescheduling.

Missed Lessons: (4) If a student misses a lesson for any reason without notice, or if a lesson is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice, that lesson shall be deemed a “missed lesson” and the Teacher shall be paid under section 1 as if the lesson had occurred as scheduled. The Teacher is not required to make up any missed lessons and will not be paid any additional amount for any make up lessons.

Teacher missed lessons: (5) If the teacher misses a lesson due to illness or unforeseen circumstances he will inform the student and the lesson will be made up at the convenience of the student.

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