children's piano lessons.
  • starting piano lessons.

Which levels of learners do you teach?

From complete beginners to advanced level...and of course all those in between!

How long are lessons?

Piano lessons can last anything from half an hour to several hours depending on the age, aims and frequency. I usually recommend that lessons are held either once or twice a week.

Where in London are piano lessons held?

Either at The Arts Educational Schools in Chiswick or at your home.

Can I have piano lessons at home?


At which age can a child start piano lessons?

If the right motivation and attention to the piano is there from the start then beginning lessons from the age of three/ four onwards is fairly usual.

Do you teach adult learners?

Yes - read my testimonial from Daniel

Do you teach music theory?

Yes, music theory is an important part of instrumental lessons and is integrated into almost every slot.

Do you teach sight reading?

Yes, the ability to sight read is essential as it enables the player to enjoy music on a different level and is the basis of learning to play the piano.

Do you teach aural


Do you prepare for UK exams?

Yes, I prepare for ABRSM exams and other examination boards.

Is having a piano necessary?

Depending on the age and goals the answer could be yes or no. At any rate access to a piano is of crucial importance and children should have one at their home. However,
buying a piano is rather expensive considering the fact that you might want to have a trial period at the beginning. It is possible to get a piano for free (such sites as have sometimes offers of this kind, just keep checking). Apart from this, there are several possibilities such as hiring, hiring with option to buy etc. I have a good knowledge of piano shops in and around London and would be glad to consult you.

Will I have to buy music?

Yes, buying new music is important for the learning experience. Please check out the Student info page for more details on books.

Do you provide performance opportunities?

Yes, I organise recitals for students over the summer and winter months they take place at Arts Ed.

Do you teach dyslexic students?

Yes, you can find out more about the benefits of piano lessons for people with dyslexia here.

Do you have experience with dyslexic pupils?

Yes please see my page on dyslexia for more information.

How much do you charge?

Please check the Home page for further details.

Do I pay for the introductory lesson?


How do I pay?

via bank transfer or cash at the end of the lesson.

If you have any other questions which have not been answered here please email me and I shall get back to you asap.